Swine Show - 2017


COMMITTEE:  Jeff Kollbaum, Pat Bird, Bruce Rainboth, Cory Tapper, Nick Letsche, Brian Letsche, Joey Brady,                            Jason Jochims

ENTRY CLERK:  Jeff Kollbaum


DIVISION I- 10 years of age or younger
1)  The swine show is a terminal show.  
3)  Each exhibitor may enter one animal in this show.
4)  Weigh-in will be Thursday August 10 from 3PM-8PM
5)  There will be NO carcass ultrasound, the carcass contest is Junior Swine only.
6)  Show time will be Friday August 11 at 9:00AM.  
7)  Classes will be divided according to entry weight with no more than six (6) animals per class. Variations in             class size may occur depending on the number of hogs that have been entered.

8)  Only hogs weighing between 230 lbs to 310 lbs will be eligible for championship drive.

      a)  All pigs weighing under 230 lbs and all pigs over 310 lbs will be shown in separate classes.

      b)  There will be NO re-weighs.
9)   Pigs will go to slaughter on Monday morning.  Owners do not need to be present for loading or transport of            the pigs.  The terminal pigs will be cared for by board members if you cannot care for your pig through the            weekend.  
10)  Hogs will be paid on a grade and yield basis.

        a) Pigs under or over packer weight requirements will be docked accordingly            

11)  Hogs are the property of the exhibitor until accepted at the packing plant.
12)  Any hog not of acceptable quality at the time of the show will be bought subject to USDA inspection.
13)  All exhibitors or their parents must be Pork Quality Assurance Level III Certified to allow their hogs to be              sold to the packing plant.  Please make arrangements ahead of the Fair to have this completed.
14) All Hogs must be identified by a USDA approved ear tag.

Junior Carcass Trophies and Sponsors
Grand Champion Market Hog - Marcus-Remsen Vet Clinic, PC

Reserve Champion Market Hog - Little Sioux Corn Processors


COMMITTEE:  Bruce Rainboth, Nick Letsche, Brian Letsche, Pat Bird, Jeff Kollbaum, Cory Tapper, Joey Brady, and Jason Jochims

ENTRY CLERK:  Joey Brady

1)  This swine show is a terminal show.
2)  All applications for entry must be made to the entry clerk no later than Thursday August 10 with Jeff                        Kollbaum at (712) 221-9120 or Joey Brady at (712) 229-0171
3)  No feed advertisements will be allowed in the hog barns.
4)  Only hogs weighing between 230 lbs to 310 lbs will be eligible for championship drive.
      a)  All pigs weighing under 230 lbs and all pigs over 310 lbs will be shown in separate classes.
      b)  There will be NO re-weighs

5)  Pens will be composed of three (3) pigs grade, purebred or crossbred.  Pens may be three (3) barrows or gilts or both.
6)  Each exhibitor will be permitted to show one pen of three (3) and two (2) individual pigs in the Individual               class.  (Only three (3) market pigs total can be entered per exhibitor.

7)   Pen of three (3) pigs have to all be entered as one individual exhibitor.
8)   Market pigs will be judged according to the group system.
9)   Both of the Champion Pen of Three and the Champion Individual will receive special ribbons.
10)  No livestock sale will be held, your pig will be sold directly to SLAUGHTER.  
11)  Premium money will be paid from a fund provided by livestock fund contributors.
12)  ALL exhibitors must have been through the Pork Quality Assurance Program.
13)  All hogs must be identified by a USDA approved ear tag and must have TWO forms of official identification.

Market Swine Trophies and Sponsors
Grand Champion Market Hog Trophy - Top Line Feed & Supply

Reserve Champion Market Hog Trophy - Farmer's State Bank
Grand Champion Pen of 3 Trophy - Pizza Ranch

Reserve Champion Pen of 3 Trophy -
Grand Champion Senior Showmanship Trophy - Rassel Trucking

Reserve Champion Senior Showmanship Trophy - Top Line Feed & Supply
Grand Champion Junior Showmanship Trophy - First Cooperative Association
Reserve Champion Junior Showmanship Trophy - Brady Show Pigs

August 9-12, 2018

Marcus Community Fair