August 10-13, 2017

 Baked Goods - 2017

COMMITTEE:  Carol Reuter and Jan Bauer- Co-Chairpersons; Mary Olson, Wendy Hauschildt, Sara Wilcox, Sandy Tapper, Kathy Wankum, MMCRU Family & Consumer Science Students
ENTRY CLERK:  Mary Olson
JUDGES: Adults and Sr. Citizens: Mary Woudstra

Youth:  Cindra Goodburn

1) Please read all entry rules
2)  Cakes and Breads should be on flat surface not to extend more than one inch larger than the cake or bread.  No partial cakes or breads accepted.  One slice will be kept and the rest may be taken home after judging.
3)  Cookie and candy should be on paper plates
4)  All entries must be in plastic bags- not waxed paper or saran wrap
5)  Each exhibitor may have only one entry of each kind
6)  Each entrant will be given a package of yeast and will also be eligible for prizes to be drawn
7)  "Best in Class" award (purple ribbon) will be awarded to outstanding exhibit in each division
8)  Sweepstakes award will be awarded to the exhibitor with the most blue ribbons in each division
9)  In all entries, prizes will be as follows:  First-$1; Second-$0.50; Third-$0.25
10) Entries need to be picked up between 6PM-7PM on Sunday, August 13.  NO SOONER and NO LATER!

1)  Senior Citizen Division- 65 and older
2)  Adult Division- 16-65 years old
3)  Girl's Division- up to 16 years old
4)  Boy's Division- up to 16 years old

Class A- CAKES
1) Angel Food Cake (unfrosted)
2) Applesauce (unfrosted)
3) Banana (unfrosted)
4) Chiffon, any flavor (unfrosted)
5) Chocolate (unfrosted)
6) Coffee cake (unfrosted)
7) Cupcakes, Dark (three unfrosted)
8) Cupcakes, Light (three unfrosted)
9) Fancy- decorated
10) Jelly Roll (filled)
11) White (unfrosted)
12) Miscellaneous Cake

Class B- COOKIES (plate of three (3) )
1)  Chocolate Chip
2)  Chocolate chip w/oatmeal
3)  Chocolate chip w/ peanut butter
4)  Chocolate Drop (unfrosted)
5)  Ginger
6)  Kid's Creative Cookie (only one)
7)  Oatmeal Drop
8)  Peanut Butter
9)  Sugar
10) Tea Cookies (2 inches or less diameter)
11) Miscellaneous Cookie

Class C- BARS AND BROWNIES ( unfrosted- plate of three (3) )
1)  Cake Brownie
2)  Chewy Brownie
3)  Chocolate Chip Bar
4)  Miscellaneous Bar

CLASS D- PIES (Pies to be in sturdy pan, 8 inches or larger)
1)  Apple
2)  Baked Pie Shell
3)  Cherry
4)  Peach
5)  Miscellaneous

CLASS E-  BREAD AND ROLLS- Bread is to be standard size; nut breads accepted in smaller size
1)  Banana bread (no yeast)
2)  Coffee bread (with yeast)
3)  Dark Pan rolls (15% dark flour)
4)  Muffins (three)
5)  Pumpkin Bread (no yeast)
6)  Quick Bread
7)  Rye Bread
8)  Swedish Tea Ring (frosted)
9)  Sweet Rolls (plate of three (3) )
10) White Bread
11) White Pan Rolls
12) White Rolls (plate of three parkerhouse, cloverleaf or butterhorns)
13) Whole Wheat Bread (15% wheat flour)
14) Zucchini Bread
15)  Miscellaneous Yeast Bread

1)  White Bread
2)  Whole Wheat Bread (15% wheat flour)
3)  Miscellaneous Yeast Bread

CLASS G- CANDY (plate of three (3) )
1)  Divinity
2)  Fudge
3)  Miscellaneous

CLASS H- “Own Original Recipe”
1) Miscellaneous

CLASS I – “Fancy Decorating”
Cupcakes (plate of three)
Cake pops (three)


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