Marcus Community Fair

August 10-13, 2017

Arts & Crafts - 2017

COMMITTEE:  Jane Busch, Julie Ballard, Margie Erdman, Laura Letsche, Norene Bunt, Julie Letsche, Mary Ann Kestel, Melissa Utesch, Sharon Johnson, Stephanie Spieler, Anna Erdman, Lisa Spieler, Raquel Pick and LaRae Wendt

ENTRY CLERKS:  Jane Busch and Julie Ballard

1. All work must be work of exhibitor. 
2. Only one entry of a kind (one in A-1, A-2, etc)
3. Entries should be finished, in good condition and clean or they will not be accepted.  If you are concerned about an article being soiled, it is suggested that they be wrapped in clear plastic.
4. Except for Senior Citizens, all entries must have been completed since September 1, 2016.
5. All pictures must be framed except those entered by children in grades 5 and under.  No coloring book pictures or fuzzy posters except for pre-school.
6. Legos, Kennix, etc. must be securely anchored to some kind of a base so they will not come apart. They must measure no more than 15 inches in length, width, depth and height (this should also be the dimensions of the base).  Only one entry allowed!
7. Entry time:  3PM-8PM Thursday, August 10.  
8. Exhibit removal:  6PM-7PM on Sunday August 13.  NO SOONER AND NO LATER!  Exhibits not removed will be left at exhibitor's own risk.
10. This department is not responsible for damage or loss of exhibits or property of exhibitor; however, all precautions will be used to protect exhibits.
11. "Best in Class" award to outstanding exhibit in each age category: Sr. Citizen, Adult, and Youth
12. Sweepstakes award to exhibitor with the most blue ribbons.
13. WALTER NIELSEN award (for children only)- 1st place- $3, 2nd place- $2
"WHAT THE FAIR MEANS TO ME"- A) Ages 11-15  B) Ages 10 and under
14. RAY ROETHLER Woodworking Award- 1st place- $3, 2nd place $2,  Best Woodworking Exhibit- All Ages

PRIZES: Senior Citizen, Adult, Youth 1st place $1, 2nd place $0.50, 3rd place $0.25

DIVISIONS: Pro: Professional; SC: Senior Citizen (age 60 and over); A: Adult; Y: Youth 9th-12th (grade just Completed); M: 6th-8th grade; F: 4th-5th grade; S: 2nd-3rd grade; K: Kindergarten and 1st grade; P: Pre-school.  
Divisions S, K and P are exempt from framing requirements.  

Please indicate if your design is an original or from a kit.

1. Artificial Flowers- workmanship
2. Basket Weaving
3. Bead Work
4. Birdhouses
5. Candles
6. Centerpieces
7. Ceramics
a)      Figurines
b)      Fired only
c)      Glass
d)      Stains
8. Combination (stenciling and tin punch, etc)
9. Copper Tooling and Leather
10. Decorated Baskets
11. Decorated Sweatshirts and T-Shirts
12. Decorated Wreaths
13. Doll Houses
14. Hand Thrown Pottery
15. Jewelry
a)      Costume
b)      Handcrafted – gold, silver, stone
16. Key Chains
17. Lace Net Darning
18. Macramé
19. Magnets
20. Metalwork
21. Mixed Media
22. Mobiles, Wind Chimes and Windsocks
23. Natural Materials (wood, rock and seeds)
24. Novelty Bathroom and Kitchen
25. Novelty Dolls and Animals
26. Painted Wood Articles
27. Plaques
28. Textile Paint and Tie Dye
29. Wall Hangings
30. Weaving
31. Woodworking and Finishing
a)      Figures
b)      Shelves
c)      Miscellaneous
32. Miscellaneous

1. Clay
2. Metal
3. Wood
4. Other

1. Centerpieces
2. Door and Wall Hangings
3. Framed Pictures
4. Holiday Stockings
5. Ornaments
6. Table Cloth
7. Tree Skirt
8. Other

1. Clay
2. Legos or Kennix
3. Metal
4. Wood
5. Other

ALL Pictures MUST be framed and ready to hang except those entered by children in grades 5 and under

NO COLORING BOOK PICTURES (except for pre-school)!
1. Acrylics
2. Calligraphy
3. Charcoal and Chalk
4. Collage (mixed media)
5. Colored Pencils
6. Combination (stenciling and tin punch, etc)
7. Counted Cross Stitch
a)      Juvenile Theme
b)      Original Design
c)      Pictures
d)      Sayings
8. Crayon
9. Crewel
10. Decoupage
11. Embroidery
12. Fingerpaint
13. Hardanger and Cutwork
14. Ink
15. Marker
16. Natural Life
17. Needle Point
18. Oils
19. Paper Cutting
20. Pencil
21. Photography
a)      Animals
b)      People
c)      Places
d)      Things
22. Prints and Silk Screens
23. Stained Glass
24. Stencil
25. String
26. Three Dimensional
27. Tin Punch
28. Watercolor
29. Miscellaneous

1. Bags
2. Clothing
3. Decorated Items
4. Flowers
5. Hair Accessories
6. Jewelry
7. Purses
8. Wallets
9. Wreaths
10. Miscellaneous