Marcus Community Fair

August 9-12, 2018

COMMITTEE:  Bruce Rainboth, Kirk Letsche, Rod Ogren, Dave Whited, Tony Simons, Jill Alesch, Brian                                      Tuttle, Dave Plagman

ENTRY CLERK:  Bruce Rainboth

1)  Market beef will be divided into weight classes at the discretion of the Market Beef Committee.
2)  No livestock sale will be held.  Premium money will be paid from a fund provided by livestock                            fund contributors.
3)  Grand Champion and Reserve Grand Champion ribbons will be awarded.
4)  A first and second prize will be awarded for showmanship.
5)  All entries will be judged and placed according to qualifications.
6)  All entries must be in their assigned stalls by 9PM Thursday August 10, 2017.
7)  All applications for entry must be made to the committee no later than Thursday August 10, 2017.
8)  Exhibitors must furnish their own feed and equipment, a wash rack is provided.
9)  Stalls must be kept clean and orderly at all times and exhibitors must show due courtesy to all visitors.
10) Judging of the Market Beef will take place on Saturday August 12, 2017.
11)  Exhibitor age limit is 19 years of age.
12)  No blocking chutes allowed in the barn.
13)  Market heifers will be shown and judged in separate classes from the Market Beef (males) and will                      receive the same ribbons and premiums.
14) Breeding heifers will be received and judged.
15) Feeder calf classes will be received and judged, male and female, in separate classes.
16) Make application to entry clerk Bruce Rainboth 712-229-1817
17) Please push all bedding to the middle of the aisle before leaving.

Open Bucket-Bottle Calf Show:
Purpose:  To design a cattle project to fit the physical and maturity level of younger youth and to provide a                          better understanding of the feeder calf industry.

1)  Project is open to all youth who have completed kindergarten through age 11 as of July 1, 2017.
2)  Calves must be purchased and/or in possession of the youth within 2 weeks of birth. Open to any                         orphaned or newborn, steer or heifer, dairy or beef, purebred or crossbred calf calved in 2017  Intact males         (bulls) may be shown.
3)  Calf may be bucket or bottle fed.
4)  Calves do not have to be tagged or entered before the fair.
5)  All calves will be shown at halter and must be clean and groomed.
6)  Calves will be brought to the fair the day of the show Saturday August 12, 2017 and return home the                     same day. 

Beef Cow-Calf Show:

1)  Any age cow with calf at side, shown on the halter.
2)  Calf must be born after January 1, 2017.
3)  The cow and calf may be brought to the fair on the day of the show Saturday August 12, 2017 and return               home the same day.

County Born Championships- Beef

1)  One cash award for each sex, males and females.
2)  Selections to be determined by the beef judge after the regular championships are selected.
3)  This award includes yearling cattle and 2017 spring born calves.
4)  Entries must be born in Cherokee County, but not limited to producer ownership at the time of the 2017 fair.

Beef Show - 2017