Marcus Community Fair

Sheep Show - 2017

August 9-12, 2018

COMMITTEE:  Kyle Schmillen, Ron Schmillen, Jill Schmillen
ENTRY CLERK:  Kyle Schmillen

RULES and REGULATIONS:  This will be an eligible Heartland Youth Show Lamb Circuit sanctioned lamb show.  Lambs will arrive and be shown on Friday August 5.  Exhibitors are encouraged to show off their trailers as there will be limited pen space.
1.  Lambs and ewe lambs entered must be born January 1, 2017 or after.
2.  Five or more entries will be required or a breed class and a market lamb class.
3.  Exhibitors 19 yrs of age or younger are eligible.
4.  Weigh-In time is Friday August 11 from 10 AM- Noon
5.   Show time is Friday August 11 at 1pm.
6.  Exhibitors can enter up to three (3) market lambs and up to two (2) ewe lambs per class in      the breeding division. 
7.  There will be no entry money and no premium money.  The money will be distributed by        the livestock fund committee after it has been divided by all the exhibitors.
8.  Animals entered in a breeding class need to be eligible for registration but need not be            registered.  Non-registerable animals will be entered into a commercial class.
9.  Any animal showing symptoms of club lamb fungus, footrot, pink eye, lice or other                suspected contagious disease will be asked to leave the premises immediately.
10.  All applications for entry must be made to the entry clerk no later than 12pm on                  Friday August 11.
11.  The entry clerk is Kyle Schmillen (376-4783 or 251-4617)
12.  All lambs that have not been docked or castrated will not be eligible for show in any              market class.
13.  All lambs will be released immediately following the conclusion of the lamb show.
14.  All sexually intact sheep are required to have an individual Scrapie flock of origin tag.

Class I:  Commercial Ewes
             Classes will be divided at the entry clerk's discretion

Class II:  Market Lamb-black faced 
               Lots will be divided by weight and posted after conclusion of weigh in on August 5.

Class III:  Market Lamb- white breed influenced
               Lots will be divided by weight and posted after conclusion of weigh in on August 5.

Class IV:  Showmanship